Loves for kwBALE {Southern Utah Photographer}

Being a photographer for many years I have come to know people with many abilities and talents. I've taught many photography classes where I have the opportunity to rub shoulders with those who have the desire to achieve and to further their love of photography. Recently, I became acquainted with a person that I was impressed with from the very beginning. Her name is Wendy Bale. I could tell by her desire, and by her attitude to achieve that she wanted to be the best that she could be. That's why since coming to know Wendy she has gone above and beyond the call of duty to become better in her field and to make the best photos or portraits for those that she may be working with. She's always concerned about doing the best for her customers or any of those that she's acquainted with. That's why I've taken the opportunity to use Wendy in my own photography business of sports photography. I know that Wendy cares. I know that she can respond in situations where the customer would be pleased and happy with the results that she provides. If anyone wants someone that they can trust and rely on for the best in photography I'd suggest you consider Wendy Bale.

- Rex Winterton
  TSS Photography
  St. George, Utah

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McArthur Family said...

So I am so thankful that I have an amazing talented sister! I love the pictures and the neat shots you are able to get, thank you for always doing Maesi's! We sure love KWBale photography!