TEASERS:DOUBLE TIME!! {Southern Utah/Las Vegas Photographer}

This gorgeous gal is my sister in law!
About 6 months ago we planned to do a photoshoot
the day she got her braces off,
and that was today!!
 Look at how mature she looks!!
Such a beauty!!
We also took her friend Kierra out with us!
These two are the best of friends!
Constantly together!
Kierra is a gorgeous gal too!!
These two will be TROUBLE in high school!!

Here is a teaser for my inlaws!
The top is Tami and Benny!
They are my aunt and uncle in law!
I love them TO DEATH!!
Such a awesome couple!!
And below them, is my cousin in laws
Brooke and Justin, and Justin Jr!
Such a cute cute CUTE family!!
And so photogenic!! Love all of them!
So enjoy the double teasers!!


Erin said...

Katie looks so different. (way cute though)

McArthur Family said...

I cannot believe how much braces changes her..i love the pictures.They look great!