DOUBLE TEASERS! {Southern Utah Photographer}

Oh double session days!
They are always so busy, BUT its double the fun!
And double the teasers, which is always the best!

My morning was spent with The Wardle's!
I donated a mini session to the Pizazz Dance Team
for a silent auction they were having, and Darbe
was the lucky winner of the mini session!
These guys are avid bow hunters!
The kids have been around bows since they were tiny!
So when their mom contacted me and said they wanted to bring them
I was so excited!
I love when my clients bring props to their sessions!
Makes the pictures that much more personal, and unique
which.. I love when the pictures are unique, so it gets me excited!
Enjoy these fun pictures

My evening was spent was Brianna and Trevor
Brianna is one of my senior reps
and with the credit she has earned so far she
wanted to do a session with her and her brother
Now.. these two have not gotten pictures take for over
And they last time they did it.. well.. Trevor was not a fan!
But this session went so smooth and perfect!
We got some of the cutest pictures of these two!
You can tell that Brianna is such an amazing older sister!
And is a big help to her mom!
Which I have to say.. Kit is AMAZING!
You can tell that she is such a loving and supporting mom!
Well anywho.. I shouldn't start writing a novel
when there are cute teasers to check out!
Hope you like them!

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