The McArthurs {Southern Utah Photographer}

Meet my sister, brother in law, and niece Maesi!
Taking pictures of your family can be easy and hard at the same time
Easy in the sense because the little kids know you, and you don't have to worry
about them being shy, BUT then thats the hard thing too!
I think Maesi thought my husband Kason was funny for the first 5 pictures,
and then she was probably thinking...
"Ok Uncle Kason.. you are looking like a weirdo!" haha
But my sister came to me with only 2 requests..
1 picture of Maesi  and them holding hands (see the first picture)
1 picture of them kissing in the background with Maesi in focus (see the second picture)
After we checked those off our list, we wandered around taking more pictures
To see the rest of their pictures.. click HERE

and these last 2 pictures made me laugh so hard
Maesi has such a personality, and these were taken one right after
the other.. she was obviously telling us a VERY dramatic story!

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