TEASERS for Ambree & Kash {Southern Utah Photographer}

Aren't these two soooooooo cute!
Ambree is our new little niece and she is such a cutie!
My sister is law asked me if I would do some pictures
of her and her new little cousin, Kash, who is only 9 days old
They had some adorable santa suits they wanted some pictures in
I soaked up every minute of todays session with these two, and seeing Kash
made me realize even more that I'll have a little guy like him in no time!
Only 2 1/2 months left to go until our baby boy gets here!
Its so amazing how tiny they are, and how little all their features are when
they are first born, and then how cute they are when they get some chub on them
because I am completely in love with Ambree's chubby cheeks and legs
Don't you just want to give both of them kisses!
Enjoy these teasers and check back for more!

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