Saint George Vinyl Lettering and Design: Ashley Pendan
Bags By Lizzylou: Brittany Flores
Beautiful Bows: Rocio Gonzalez
DebadoDesigns: Ashlee Gleave
Vinique Framing: Kaitlyn Liebert
Tickle Me Lash: Morgan Kelly
My Favorite Flowers: Emilee Bundy
You've Been Framed: Shanna Uptergrove
All That Ruffle: Alexis Barnard
kwBALE photoshoot: Lori Gentry
Ruby.: Melissa Higgins


gleave said...

YAY!!!! I am so EXCITED!!!!! Thanks to all of you that made this contest possible and thanks to Debado Designs!!!!

Lori said...

We r excited! Thanks Wendy and all the vendors everything was awesome.